Cap'n Arrr - A "Real" (funny) Pirate

The Misadventures of Cap’n Arrr
"The Funniest Pirate to Never Sail the Seven Seas!"

For the 2008-09 festival seasons comedic performance artist, Won Israel has created a show that includes a pirate ship, a robotic talking parrot and the funniest pirate to never sail the seven seas. He calls it “The Misadventures of Cap'n Arrr!”

“The Misadventures of Cap'n Arrr!” is an interactive comedy performance that will have kids (and grown-ups) rolling on the floor! Cap'n Arrr's program is packed full of audience participation and includes basic instruction in walking like a pirate, talking like a pirate and laughing like a pirate too! Plus Cap’n Arrr’s call and response sing-a-longs are so catchy you’ll be singing long after his ship has sailed. At all most every show kids in the audience show up in pirate hats and costumes so Cap’n Arrr is known to pull a few ship mates up on to the stage to show off their pirate skills.

Like the Cap’n says, “If you wanna be a pirate say, Aye! Aye! Cap’n Arrr! Yes boys and girls, Cap’n Arrr is a “Real (funny) Pirate".

Cap'n Arrr offers Roving and Staged Performances.
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Cap'n Arrr in Action! "Me mate, Alan Plotkin made a movie about me. Give it a look-see will ya!"

Cap'n Arrr and shipmate, Paradiso.

The Misadventures of Cap'n Arrr is a great
Family Entertainment Program for public and
private events. Or, anywhere you need a pirate!

State & County Fairs
Music & Arts Festivals
Corporate Functions
Library Programs
School Assemblies
Company Picnics
Family Reunions

Cap'n Arrr inducts Pee Wee as his newest first mate!

"Paradiso wants a cracker...Now!"

Cap'n Arrr instructs in the A-E-I-O-Ew's of Swordsmanship - Omaha Summer Arts Festival 2007, Nebraska.

Cap'n Arrr in the News!!!

Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of fun
By Aaron Burkhalter - Aug, 3 2007

Cap’n Arrr’s life started off hilariously, he explained to youngsters at Waterfront Park on Tuesday.

When he was born, his mother asked what they should name him. His father sat down on his mother’s hospital bed to think about it. As he sat squarely on her foot, she yelled “Arrr!”

“That’s a great name,” his father said.

Grown and well-learned in the ways of pirates (and comedy) Cap’n Arrr! - known on land as Won Israel - recruited the youth to be his many firstmates at the Waterfront Park in Port Orchard.

Photo: Cap’n Arrr tries to find a heartbeat on Simon Ransom, 4, during the comedy Pirate Show put on by the Port Orchard Library on Tuesday at Waterfront Park. Jesse Bels/Staff photo

Cap'n Arrr Warns: "Beware the Dangers of Cannon Ball Juggling..."

The group entertained dozens of area kids, playing a series of games in which the Cap’n usually received the short end of every stick — in one scenario he is doused repeatedly with a watergun by Simon Ransom, 4, who the Cap’n dubbed “Pee-Wee.”Kids swarmed the Cap’n after the event, asking him if he was a real pirate.“I’m a real funny pirate,” he said.

The event was sponsored by the Port Orchard Public Library. The Port Orchard and Manchester Public Libraries offer entertainment to kids on Tuesdays at 10:30 p.m.

The next youth event will take place at the Manchester Public Library. Cowboy Buck will entertain kids on Aug. 7. The Port Orchard Public Library will bring the Valentines Pigs on Aug. 14.

Visit for more information on youth activities in the Kitsap Regional Libraries.

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